More About Me


Justin Fincher - REALTOR®

My goal is to use my experience of the area and its components to help you find the best possible Home.

As a Texas Native, I have an effective combination of Southern charm and Bottom Line Thinking.
I like to win (for my clients) but do so with a calm demeanor and a smile.
I have had the pleasure of working in San Antonio's largest and fastest moving School Districts. You and I can leverage my knowledge to get you the best fit for your needs. I’ve experienced most of the issues we’ll face together prior to becoming a Realtor.

When I’m not helping people navigate the housing market, I am constantly working on making my house smarter for our crew.
I paint, wire, engineer, design, update, I enjoy spending time making my own house smarter and more comfortable.
I can also help you manage getting your home ready for the market quickly and cost-effectively, no matter how many large and small projects might seem to stand in your way. There’s nothing we can’t approach together!
My family has been blessed to see one of the prettiest parts of Texas become home to so many, it makes the seven of us feel proud to know so many new neighbors and help them enjoy Our Texas.

Thank you for joining us and taking the time to get to know a little bit about me, and I look forward to meeting and learning about you!
Whether you are just starting out or looking to purchase your grandparent house, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together!
Please feel free to reach out to discuss buying, selling, or renting, and how we can team up to find you your slice of heaven here in Texas!